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The Big Conversation, summer 2022.

24 July 2022

Have you joined in yet? The Big Conversation is how City of York Council publicises major issues and seeks feedback about proposed solutions. There is an extra meeting of York Environment Forum in July so as we can discuss the climate change section of the Big Conversation and work out a collective response.

This is part of the explanation quoted from the website. City of York Council has ‘set an ambition for our operations to be carbon neutral by 2030, This is a city-wide ambition that required a city-wide strategy. The York Climate Change Strategy will be a shared strategy for the city, encouraging us all to work together to deliver our shared vision.’

No need to go to a meeting. Individuals can fill in an online form, and there are paper copies for residents who do not do digital. The closing date is 5th August. The homepage of the website below is the place to start – at the foot of page.

Events in York Environment Week

15 July 2022

Now is the time to submit an event for YEW22 which takes place from 24th September to 2nd October. Our call for events is going far and wide. You can find the guidelines and submission form by following this link

There is no charge for including an event. The whole programme is advertised to reach a large number of local residents. York Environment Week promotes working towards a cleaner and green city and world. A member of York Environment Forum invented York Environment Week, and we are now in its third year.

Ideas for events so far include: environment centre fair, homegrown produce show, Creationtide programme, film show and open eco-homes., and room for many more.

Air Quality – July 12th Meeting

10 July 2022

Too late for Clean Air Day which was in June 2022. This month’s York Environment Forum’s meeting is about air quality in York. We have Mike Southcombe, Public Protection Manager for City of York Council. We will find out relevant facts about changes in pollution levels, what the main challenges are and what action can be taken to improve the situation.

Our meeting is on Tuesday 12th July 4 to 6pm at West Offices. There is a great deal of local information about air quality on this link.

The illustration is encouraging car drivers to switch off their engines when not moving.

YEW22 – second collaboration event.

28 June 2022

Just a few days to go before the call is out for submission of events in to York Environment Week22. We have another meeting open to anyone planning an event.

Please join us on Thursday 7th July, in the Denham Room at Priory Street Centre, YO1 6ET, 7.15 – 9.00. Free admission, refreshments served.

The plan for the evening is to hear about ideas so far, plot on a calendar dates and times arranged, and completing any partnerships and collaborations. Finally the Core Group will answer any practical questions about submitting an event, publicity, evaluation and monitoring. Looking forward to getting together again.,

To book a place please use this link to our eventbrite page.

June meeting.

13 June 2022

Global and local this month. We have a presentation on Climate Change, impact on women, solutions by and for women and their communities. This is based on Emily Beasley’s research at the University of York. The perspective is international, for example using examples of women from indiginous cultures, and draws on philosophy as a guide for analysis.

Followed by a report on the recent hearing sessions on the Local Plan. The next phase of hearings is in July and we are going to decide York Environment Forum’s approach to the topics to be tackled then.

This meeting is for members of YEF, and takes place on Tuesday 14th June, 4 – 6pm at West Offices, Station rise.

The next York Environment Week

23 May 2022

How can you be involved in York Environment Week this year? Find out by coming to our event on Wednesday evening, 25th May.

Details are on the YEW website. You can email to, feedback and ideas welcome. We are looking for a variety of formats, creativity and fun that will engage with residents about environmental issues.

Green Funerals in a Climate Emergency

9 May 2022

What has a funeral to do with the climate emergency? York Environment Forum will be discussing this on Tuesday 10th May. Guest speaker, John Cossham, will present his thoughts and lead a discussion. This talk was very well recived at the Dead Good Festival recently.

YEF is back at the usual venue of West Offices for the first time since February 2020. There are pros and cons of being in person, virtually online, or a mixture of both and we are going to assess which is most effective.

Some members of YEF are spending Tuesday 10th May at the hearing to examine the ‘soundness’ of York’s Local Plan. That, the first day of the hearing, is considering the strategic vision, outcomes and development principles – YEF has submitted responses to that section and will elaborate in person. The other aspect of our submissions is about transport, next week, again a representative will be present to provide evidence to the Inspector sitting at the hearing.

YEW22 collaborative approach.

14 April 2022

At YEW22 the Core Group wants this year’s programme to include a wider range of events than in 2020 and in 2021. As there will be less reliance on Zoom events now is the time to think creatively.And we are looking for ideas that increase fun.

Could you and your group offer something that is musical, song-writing or performing? Have you drama, poetry and creative writing that could become an event? Events can be ongoing, such as starting an  art installation at the begining of the week and completing it by the last weekend. How about a photography competition or an online art exhibition.

We are at the early stages of planning. The dates have been decided: 24th September to 2nd October. This year’s planning is going to be more collaborative so that previous event organisers and anyone else interested can be part of the team effort. This will begin by holding a meeting to share ideas about the week, themes if any, and suggestions for who else could be involved. We will meet in person unless we are prevented by covid.

Would be great to get some feedback about these innovations.

Annual General Meeting.

10 April 2022

York Environment Forum is holding our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 12th April, 4pm at Clements Hall. We will be looking back at the year of 2021 to 2022, confirming who fills the officer posts, and sharing refreshments. This is our first face to face meeting for two years; some members have only ever met via Zoom and we are looking foward to getting to know one another.

Contact YEF if you would like to become a member, our May meeting will be on 10th May at 4pm. We also welcome ideas for meeting topics, and offers to come and speak and lead discussions.

York’s Local Plan.

4 March 2022

March’s York Environment Forum meeting is discussing York’s Local Plan. The public hearing to decide whether or not the Plan is ‘sound’ or not is happening soon, delayed due to illness. YEF members have been active at all stages of the Plan’s development and will be contributing again at the hearing. On Tuesday 8th March we will look at the background, key milestones for YEF, and the details of our formal responses to be submitted.

Through necessity Local Plans are full of information. Comments and opinions sent in by residents are all made public. The procedure and rules can be hard to understand. However, all of these are available on the City of York Council’s website in a dedicated section.