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New Vision for York as a resilient landmark city

23 October 2012

York Environment Forum’s Vision for York 2020 has been published in draft form to contribute to the visioning process currently being undertaken by City of York Council for a new Local Plan.

The City has begun a series of workshops as part of a visioning process for the Plan, which replaces the previous Core Strategy of the Local Development Framework. This was withdrawn  on 12 July 2012 following the Council’s approval of the Monks Cross stadium application and retail development which would have resulted in a substantially different set of strategic priorities and directions for York from those previously submitted.

Kate Lock, Chair of York Environment Forum, has been invited to present to a ‘Protect the Environment’ visioning workshop at King’s Manor on Tuesday 23 October. She will be presenting the Forum’s own Vision, YORK 2020 NEW DRAFT 22.10.12 A summary is available YORK 2020 Summary KL 22.10.12.

‘I’ve been working on our Vision, and consulting with YEF members on it, for two years now,’ said Kate. ‘It’s still a work in progress and some of it has been slightly overtaken by more recent events but since I’m sharing it with the workshop I thought it was worth putting it “out there” and seeing what people think.’

She stressed that the Vision is unfinished, but added, ‘It’s a starting point for debate as much as anything, though of course we hope it will trigger some real changes. It’s got lots of ideas in it and it offers lots of positive suggestions for the way forward for York. We can’t just ‘tinker at the edges’ any more:  in an energy-insecure world, resilience is key. The way we live will be different, whether we resist change, merely react to it or whether we plan proactively for a new way of living. If we do the latter, York can be a high-quality, economically secure landmark resilient city.

‘If we stick to the ‘business as usual’ model, York won’t be ‘open for business’ but a mouldering museum in the future.’

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