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February 2017 update

10 February 2017

As 2017 rushes past, continuing the all-too-established theme of apparently increasing chaos and uncertainty, the Forum continues to keep its collective eye on local issues while being mindful of the national context. The February meeting sees a Q&A session with the council’s Chief Executive, a presentation and discussion about the developing proposals for Castle Gateway (The Artist Formerly Known As The Southern Gateway) and a follow-up discussion to the previous meeting’s look at waste and recycling, with a personal viewpoint on behaviour change from Tom Waring, who has had many years at St.Nicks pondering this issue.

Our March meeting will look at broader environmental issues which are of very specific interest to York residents – flooding and air quality, and in April we’ll be talking with the Environment Observatory to see how local data can help us understand – and hopefully address – local environmental issues.

We are represented on the York Central Community Forum, and have been active in commenting on the proposals for York Central (both collectively and as individual members and representatives of local groups) and other local significant development proposals. We have been active in discussing proposals for some of the major sites identified in the draft Local Plan, and in encouraging local debate, a process we aim to encourage both via the Forum itself and via events in partnership with the My Future York project.

If you represent a local group whose voice you’d like to be part of the Forum, or have skills or experience which you feel would be of value, then please get in touch. Expertise and information are increasingly precious.

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