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York Environment Week 2020

2 July 2020

We are pleased to announce the first city-wide York Environment Week (YEW). This will take place between 28th November and 6th December. Here at York Environment Forum (YEF) we thought that by co-ordinating YEW it would be an additional way of being ‘the voice for the environment for York.’ We envisage up to 15 events spread over the eight days. The events will be mounted by any group, or public / private agency that becomes part of the programme, and can be virtual or actual. YEF’s roles will be to recruit the groups or agencies that wish to hold an event and to publicise the YEW programme. We are in the planning stage at the moment and will soon be releasing details of the themes of YEW and how to put forward an event.

The planning group welcomes further help, please get in touch if you have a skill or knowledge to offer. Email us via


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