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YEW22 collaborative approach.

14 April 2022

At YEW22 the Core Group wants this year’s programme to include a wider range of events than in 2020 and in 2021. As there will be less reliance on Zoom events now is the time to think creatively.And we are looking for ideas that increase fun.

Could you and your group offer something that is musical, song-writing or performing? Have you drama, poetry and creative writing that could become an event? Events can be ongoing, such as starting an  art installation at the begining of the week and completing it by the last weekend. How about a photography competition or an online art exhibition.

We are at the early stages of planning. The dates have been decided: 24th September to 2nd October. This year’s planning is going to be more collaborative so that previous event organisers and anyone else interested can be part of the team effort. This will begin by holding a meeting to share ideas about the week, themes if any, and suggestions for who else could be involved. We will meet in person unless we are prevented by covid.

Would be great to get some feedback about these innovations.

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