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Green Funerals in a Climate Emergency

9 May 2022

What has a funeral to do with the climate emergency? York Environment Forum will be discussing this on Tuesday 10th May. Guest speaker, John Cossham, will present his thoughts and lead a discussion. This talk was very well recived at the Dead Good Festival recently.

YEF is back at the usual venue of West Offices for the first time since February 2020. There are pros and cons of being in person, virtually online, or a mixture of both and we are going to assess which is most effective.

Some members of YEF are spending Tuesday 10th May at the hearing to examine the ‘soundness’ of York’s Local Plan. That, the first day of the hearing, is considering the strategic vision, outcomes and development principles – YEF has submitted responses to that section and will elaborate in person. The other aspect of our submissions is about transport, next week, again a representative will be present to provide evidence to the Inspector sitting at the hearing.

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