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January meeting topics

12 January 2020

For the first meeting of 2020 we have a varied programme – Tuesday 14th Jan, 4-6pm at West Offices.

Find out more about biochar, what it is, what is its role in the carbon cycle, who in York is championing it?

Can York reduce the number of Xmas trees that are shredded and increase the use of Xmas trees that have roots and therefore have the benefits of longevity?

News of the findings of the York Transport Survey. YEF’s transport subcommittee has been heavily involved in this work. On Tuesday we will hear what local residents and visitors / communters to the city have said about how they use transport and for what, and their suggestions for innovations and improvements. Related papers will be put on   this YEF website – watch out for the blog.


Our December meeting

6 December 2019

We are staying in the Green Environment for December. The main part of the meeting is entitled ‘Farming – production, volatility and the environment’. Welcome to the speaker James Copeland from the National Farmers’ Union who will talk on this topic and discuss relevant issues.

As is customary for the month we are having refreshments and members are asked  to bring Festive Food to share if they can.

The meeting is on Tuesday 10th December, 4 to 6pm at West Offices, Station Rise.

November Meeting topic

9 November 2019

For November 12th we are pleased to welcome Derek Utley, who as well as being a member of Treemendous, is a Woodland Trust Tree Creation Champion.

He is going to talk about achievements in planting trees in York, news from the Northern Forest and how trees contribute to combating the climate emergency.

The meeting starts at 4pm and begins with welcomes and introductions and Derek gets going after that. Observers who would like to attend are asked to let us know for seating purposes, and also to consider joining YEF. The venue is West Offices, Station Rise, just ask at reception which room.

Climate Change Committee

11 October 2019

The full title of the new City of York Council committee is the Climate Change Policy and Scrutiny Board. Its second meeting takes place on Tuesday 15th October, 5.30pm. The meeting is open to the public – arrive at West Offices, sign in at reception and be shown to the right room. What is more residents can speak for 3 minutes on a relevant topic of their choice. Potential speakers must register in advance, by the day before.

All Council meetings and agendas etc are included on their websites. This link should go to the meeting mentioned above, and instructions for registering to speak are near the bottom.


October Meeting

5 October 2019

Our guest on Tuesday 8th October is Cllr Christian Vassie. City of York Council has recently set up the Climate Change Policy and Scrutiny Board, which Cllr Vassie is chairing. The first meeting was held last month, and several members of York Environment Forum attended. The video of the meeting is available via the council’s website. On Tuesday we are interested in how YEF members can engage with and enhance the priorities emerging from the Climate Committee.

Shaping the future of York’s transport

8 September 2019

York Environment Forum is in a partnership with York Civic Trust and York Bus Forum to gather evidence and views from residents and from people who commute into York. The findings will feed into City of York Council’s next Transport Plan. The survey initiative takes place throughout September. Then there will be a Citizens’ Tranport Forum set up, comprised randomly of people who take part in the surveys .

Various agencies and charities are funding the opinion surveys.

To answer the questions relevant to you, go online (copy and paste): (for residents) (for commuters)

There will be written information available at all 17 Explore libraries.

Any queries? email




September meeting.

7 September 2019

This month we are looking at housing. We are pleased to welcome Cllr Denise Craghill who is Executive Member at York City Council for Housing and Safer Neighbourhoods.

She will be covering the Housing Delivery Programme, which will lead to more social housing such as that at the Lowfield site. The second topic is the Design Guide for new housing.  The relevant CYC officer accompanying Cllr Craghill is Michael Jones.

Denise has had a long involvement with YEF. She is local councillor for Guildhall ward. More details of her roles and responsibilities with CYC can be found in various sections of


Outdoor Meeting in August

19 August 2019

Here we are last week, setting aside the normal business and format, getting to know what we are all up to and our pressing concerns. Back indoors on Tuesday 10th September.


August Meeting

10 August 2019

Tuesday 13th August, 4 to 6pm, is when York Environment Forum meets next.

St Nicks is generously hosting the meeting, and we are hoping for nice weather so we can be outdoors, and inside if wet.  St Nicks’ address is Rawdon Avenue, YO10 3ST.

In holiday-mode, there is no agenda or previous minutes. Instead we have a Programme. This has three main aspects – finding out more about St Nicks and the interests and enthusiasms of the other members present, recording what YEF has been doing from the perspective of the members; and feedback about how they and their agencies / businesses benefit from YEF environmentally.

The minutes of YEF meetings can be found on the Minutes section of this website.








July 2019 update

7 July 2019

The next meeting of York Environment Forum is on Tuesday 9th July, at the usual time of 4 to 6pm, at West Offices, Station Rise.

The main agenda item is:

Climate and Ecological Emergencies, organised and presented by member John Cossham.

We will also be planning the August meeting – this will be more informal than is customary and will take place outdoors.

Expect, too, discussions and information-sharing among the members, and indepth reporting from the YEF Transport Group.