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December meeting on Tuesday

6 December 2020

This is the first December meeting of York Environment Forum to be held virtually online. Normally at this time of the year we arrange to have festive refreshments. In 2020 the members are asked to have their refreshments at home and we will be sharing in time not place. The theme is one we had a few years ago: our Xmas wishes for the environment. Not sure what will come up, each idea will be interesting and hopefully will spark thoughts on how YEF can help bring them closer to fruition. Getting into the festive or seasonal spirit in greater depth is optional – reindeer jumpers, pudding earrings…..All happening on Tuesday 8th December 4-5pm.

York Environment Week 2020 starts

28 November 2020

Today, Saturday 27th November, is the first day of the first city-wide York Environment Week. There has been a terrific response to the call to mount events. Looking through the programme listings many events are organised by members of York Environment Forum. These below are the organisers concerned – some are groups and others are individuals. (Not all of the latter are named in the YEW listings.) Thanks for eveyone’s contribution.

Good Food York, Edible York, Seggy Segaran, Caroline Lewis, Audrey Miller, Constructive Individuals, June Tranmer, Kate Lock, St Nicks, York Community Energy.

November at YEF

16 November 2020

The virtual meeting last Tuesday looked at how to make sure York Environment Week has a positive and lasting impact on York Environment Forum. It would be great to recruit more members to YEF and to have a more diverse membership with a wider range of interests. We would like YEF to be more well-known and influential. The members came up with a range of useful ideas.

What we know already is that, led by a few members of YEF, York residents can take part in a programme of events that covers a breadth of topics. Most are online by necessity but there are also opportunities for park maintenance and practical environmental conservation.

There are more than 20 events in the programme – the original aim was to include 15 at most. Some events have maximum numbers, don’t leave it too late to register.

York Environment Week

13 November 2020

The York Environment Week website is now live and events are taking bookings – find out all about it at

October Meeting – YoCo co-housing.

13 October 2020

This month at York Environment Forum we are talking about YoCo – an initiative which aims to develop co-housing and associated neighbourhood on the York Central site. There is already a vision of what YoCo could become. And behind the scenes work is underway to establish a company limited by guarantee to handle the development phase. There is a need for more people-power to get involved and help in whatever way they can. On Tuesday 13th Oct, 4-5, members of YEF will be coming uo with ideas and possible solutions.

YoCo has a website –

York Environment Week 2020 – call for events.

10 September 2020

York Environment Week 2020 is now accepting submissions of events. Most events will be online and will showcase the work of groups and organisations that are focused on the environment. By being part of the week the events will benefit from shared publicity via the web, flyers and social media as well as advice about using technology.

This YEF website first promoted the festival in the July blog, where you can read more details – in the News section.

There is no charge for having in event in the YEW2020 programme. To take part please read the guidelines and complete the online form.

This is where the documents are available:

August topic

10 August 2020

We are not having a meeting in August, but back in action in September. Instead of a meeting members of York Environment Forum are invited to respond to the consultation on the Tree Strategy for England if they have not already done so. This is a wide-ranging exercise covering many issues involved in planting and looking after trees, both technically and socially. The strategy that results will impact on what happens in York, and could help or hinder the aspiration for 50,000 trees to be planted by 2023. Responses are welcome from anyone – here is the link:

York Environment Week 2020

2 July 2020

We are pleased to announce the first city-wide York Environment Week (YEW). This will take place between 28th November and 6th December. Here at York Environment Forum (YEF) we thought that by co-ordinating YEW it would be an additional way of being ‘the voice for the environment for York.’ We envisage up to 15 events spread over the eight days. The events will be mounted by any group, or public / private agency that becomes part of the programme, and can be virtual or actual. YEF’s roles will be to recruit the groups or agencies that wish to hold an event and to publicise the YEW programme. We are in the planning stage at the moment and will soon be releasing details of the themes of YEW and how to put forward an event.

The planning group welcomes further help, please get in touch if you have a skill or knowledge to offer. Email us via


Meeting for June.

7 June 2020

A York Environment Week? YEW – we are cracking on with this idea on Tuesday 9th June, 4-5pm. As usual the members are invited to a vitual meeting at that time. York Environment Forum member Kate Hignett will lead with a presentation about how an environment week could be organised, using the model of York International Womens’ Week. In this example the programme of events comprises sessions mounted by a range of groups, venues and agencies who make their own arrangements but benefit from shared publicity. We believe YEW would be the first York-wide initiative of its kind.

Annual General Meeting

1 June 2020

York Environment Forum held our latest Annual General Meeting by email. We covered the year ending on 31st March 2020. All the usual papers were sent out in advance. Members were also asked if they put themselves forward for an officer post. By Friday 29th May all the responses and feedback was considered and the AGM was completed that afternoon.

This is what was decided:

The annual report, financial accounts and the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted unanimously.

The officers elected were – Chair: Penny Bainbridge, Treasurer: Phil Bixby, Membership Secretary: Caroline Lewis.

Philip Crowe resigned as Minutes Secretary and has also left YEF after twenty years’ memberhsip. We thank him for his dedication and wish him well for the future.